The Joiner Law Firm, P.C.


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The Joiner Law Firm, P. C., stands ready to serve your legal needs in real estate transactions, real estate development, title examination and certification, and both corporate and personal representation, including wills and probate matters.. Established in 1994, the firm currently operates in two locations; in Griffin at 217 North Hill Street, and in Fayetteville at 640 North Jeff Davis Drive. Both offices are staffed on a full-time basis and appointment times are available at whichever location is more convenient for your busy schedule.
At The Joiner Law Firm, we take pride in providing quality legal services quickly, efficiently and in a professional manner. Please feel free to call our offices to discuss your matter with our attorney.
The Joiner Law Firm, P.C.

Griffin: 770-412-6045

Fayetteville: 770-461-9500